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Universal Servo Repairs

The Servo Group has been listed as the top destination for servo repairs. With three locations , each with a servo motor lab, servo valve repair lab, and servo electronic repair lab, you can be assured that your universal servo repair will be handled quickly and will be conducted by one of our expert technicians. To guarantee that your universal servo repair receives our quality repair that thousands of customers have come to rely on for its quality and reliability, make sure you see our logo. The Servo Groups logo is more than a logo its our way of saying that your repair has been handled by “The Most Trusted Name In Servo.”

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Universal Servo Valve Repair

At The Servo Group we work on all Servo Valves and Proportional valves. The Servo Group is universally know for its excellent work on valve repairs and is one of the nation’s oldest and most reliable servo valve repair company in North America.
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Universal Servo Motor Repair

The Servo Group works with all major brands and are excited to announce that we are  the only US Servo company awarded a Genaue-Kalibrierung Testing Certification. We have made a commitment to show the industry that there can be  consistency and reliability.
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Universal Servo Electronics Repair

The drive repair technicians are nationally know as the leaders in quality and repair. The Servo Group has prided itself on what some say is the nation’s most comprehensive Servo Electronic training for its staff. This ensures quality and results for our customers.
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Universal Servo Store

We are well stocked on may new and refurbished servo motors, drives and valves. If you need a part or would like some more information on our guaranteed remanufactured servo motors and drives call us today at 866-326-5150 or visit our store.
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